Special Education for Today's Teachers: An Introduction

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Title : Special Education for Today's Teachers: An Introduction
Author : Michael S. Rosenberg
ISBN : 0137033974

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Unlike most introduction to special education books, this second edition gives readers foundational core information relevant to either pre-service special education teachers -- or general education teachers who will have students with special needs in their classrooms -- as well as the categorical information they need to serve their students. At the same time, key issues such as response-to-intervention and cultural and linguistic diversity are given ample time and discussion. KEY TOPICS: The first chapter of the second edition highlights what is "special" about special education which serves as a foundation for the three themes covered in the text: professionalism, effective instructional practice, and reflection. As these themes are integrated throughout the book, the reader is taken first through the foundational core teaching concepts (chapters 2-5) for special education teachers, and then through the categorical chapters regarding disability areas covered under IDEA 2004 (chapters 6-15). The last chapter (16) serves as the wrap up to the continuing discussion regarding professionalism and professional development that characterizes this book. MARKET: For undergraduate students in special education....

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