When Feeling Bad Is Good

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Title : When Feeling Bad Is Good
Author : Ellen McGrath
ISBN : 0553565133

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Do you often find yourself feeling bad that no matter how much you do or how well you do it, it's never enough? Are you chronically dissatisfied with your body, your relationships, or your inability to take charge of your life? You are not alone. Millions of women struggle with similar feelings every day. For them -- and for you -- When Feeling Bad Is Good will be a revelation. In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Ellen McGrath shatters the cultural myth that feeling bad must be negative and introduces a new model of women's depression. She persuasively explains that many bad feelings women have are the result of "healthy depressions" -- realistic and appropriate responses to the unhealthy culture in which they live. She examines in depth the six basic types of healthy depression that most women experience at some point in their lives. Then, through a dynamic, innovative program that features self-evaluation quizzes and practical, proven action strategies, Dr. McGrath offers a liberating road map to women who want to understand why they feel the way they do and how to break the cycles that keep them from having and being all they want. In taking this empowering personal journey, you will learn how to convert your bad feelings and take better control of your life. You will become more effective in resolving conflicts, clarifying your priorities, making healthier life choices, and living more honestly, openly, creatively, and powerfully than ever before.
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