Federal Telecommunications Law

Title : Federal Telecommunications Law
Author : Peter W. Huber
ISBN : 0735506477

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PThis definitive legal guide to the new world of telecommunications provides you with the thorough, authoritative analysis you need to understand and comply with the complex regulatory landscape in the industry.PYou'll find timely review of key legislation, FCC rules, regulations and orders, and court decisions with extensive citations and cross-references for such essential topics as#58;brbull; The economics of interconnection and detailed discussions of pricing methodologies of offering services for resalebrbull; Interconnection rules for wireline networks, including the specific rules imposed on incumbent LECsbrbull; Antitrust litigation in the wake of the 1996 Act, with comprehensive analysis of the cases brought against incumbent local telephone companiesbrbull; Significant changes to universal services requirementsbrbull; Regulations and policies involving horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitionsbrbull; The FCC's rule-making and other powersbrbull; Rights and duties arising from the laws of privacy, intellectual property and free speechbrbull; And much more.Federal Telecommunications Law, Second Edition, provides all the laws, rules #151; including those for price regulation, common carriage, universal service, regulations and court decisions are analyzed in detail #151; to provide you with a thorough understanding of the environment you must work within. Trends in competition, industry structures and technology are explored - offering you a total picture of the telecommunications industry, in areas such as telecommunications equipment; long distance services; wireless services; the internet and data services; information services; videoservices; and more....

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