Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment

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Title : Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment
Author : Julie Elizabeth Ouston
ISBN : 0750687819

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Reflecting changes to the National Occupational Standards, the new edition of this popular self-test guide includes revised content, new material, and an additional discussion on why an incorrect answer might have been chosen and why confusion could have arisen in the reader's mind. A companion to Lane and Cooper's Veterinary Nursing, this practical resource follows the structure of the main text and includes answers that function as mini-tutorials, with clear rationales for the correct answer and learning opportunities for the student.

- Content is structured around the format of the main textbook to enable students to undertake a planned course of study or revision.
- Self-assessment opportunities provide students with a clear understanding of their level of competence to help them be successful in both assessment and examination.

- Additional information has been added to reflect updates to the third edition of Veterinary Nursing.
- Revised content addresses the latest changes to the S/NVQ syllabus.
- In-depth answers provide clear rationales and explanations for both correct and incorrect choices....

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